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Image of MEN ADDICTED 03

Collector's Limited Printed Edition
1000 numbered copies worldwide

MEN ADDICTED 03 features contributors Kiko Dionisio, Darren Ankenbauer, Francisco Hurtz, Antony Hickling, Eddie Christie, Michael Ampersant, Bruno S, Yann Dante, Olivier Auguste, Rogan Richards, Edwin Alvarez, Eric Lanuit, Michael Brennan, Patrick Gerbier.

174 pages
148 x 210 mm (5.82 x 8,26")
Cover printed on glossy paper 250g
Pages printed on paper 135g
Full black & white

Contents :
- Bang | Photographs by Kiko Dionisio
- Handbook men | Photographs by Darren Ankenbauer
- Faceless | Drawings by Francisco Hurtz
- Masculine exposure | Photographs by Eddie Christie
- Au Duquesnoy | Novel and Drawings by Bruno S
- Plein(s) toi | Photographs by Yann Dante
- Cocks coloring book | Drawings by Olivier Auguste
- Boom! | Photographs by Rogan Richards
- Love and death | Drawings by Edwin Alvarez
- Leave | Photographs by Eric Lanuit
- The perfect end | Novel by Michael Brennan
- Hypersensitive embrace | Photographs by Patrick Gerbier

English and French
Printed in Netherlands

Collector’s Limited Edition