DOG ADDICTED - A special issue of MEN ADDICTED
Collector's Limited Printed Edition
50 numbered copies worldwide

DOG ADDICTED features photographers Andrew Ciccarelli, Benjamin Guillonneau, Brett Lindell, David Hawe, Eric Lanuit, Henry Falco, Johann D'Nale, Pablo Bretts, and artists Alexandre Dufoix, Artedgar, Boston Elements, Brett Schmidt, Bruno Gaultier, Dmitry Bitjukov, Francis Artman, François Sagat, FullMano, Joaquim Guerreiro, Rancho Rocket, Ronald Kibble, Salem Beiruti, Stefan Thiel, Tom de Pékin, Yossi Madar, Yvon Goulet.

150 pages
148 x 210 mm (5.82 x 8,26")
Cover printed on glossy paper 250g
Pages printed on paper 135g
Full color and black & white

Contents :
- Chienne de vie | Drawings by Alexandre Dufoix
- Suite canine | Drawings by Tom de Pekin | Photographs by Fred Morin
- Sagat's dogs | Drawings by François Sagat
- Scruff | Photographs by Johann D'Nale
- Be your dog | Artworks by FullMano
- One line dog | Drawings by Francis Artman
- Puppy play | Photographs by Henry Falco
- Dogs galore | Artworks by international various artists
- Fangs | Paintings by Ronald Kibble
- Pet me | Artworks by Rancho Rocket
- Toutous | Paintings by Yvon Goulet
- Crisco and Leather | Photographs by Eric Lanuit

Printed in Netherlands

Collector’s Limited Edition